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Professional Solutions

Let us do the heavy lifting


Highly available architecture and round-the-cloud friendly staff so you can focus on your work while we handle the rest.

Technology Consulting

Add specialist expertise and Information Technology strategies that will strengthen your business through focused planning and partnering with trusted vendors for a simplified and worry-free work environment.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Whether it's built and operated on the cloud or entirely on your infrastructure, we will assist you with as much or as little as desired with cross-industry experience and powerful tools to ensure your business reaches its goals.

Managed Services

Increase productivity and grow your business while we streamline new technologies and support your company's long-term growth strategy. whether you are a corporate or remote office, we serve businesses of all sizes.

Scalable Storage
Remote Storage

Protect your business's valuable data with backups and failover services. Push through storage complexity, drive down costs and expenses that can expose you to greater risk.

Whether your infrastructure is local, or on the cloud, we will create a custom storage solution that will fit your needs and work in any environment

Remote Storage Plans

Scalable storage and simple pricing for any business needs. Custom configurations are available, please contact us for a quote. Please note that remote storage orders can take up to 24 hours to show up under your account.

Size Download B/W Upload B/W Storage Type Starting @/Mo
Up to 500 GB Unlimited Unlimited SAS $ 1.99 keyboard_arrow_right
Up to 2 TB Unlimited Unlimited SAS $ 19.95 keyboard_arrow_right
Up to 3.5 TB Unlimited Unlimited SAS $ 49.75 keyboard_arrow_right
Up to 5 TB Unlimited Unlimited SAS $ 79.60 keyboard_arrow_right
Additional Remote Storage Information

Additional remote storage features.

User Friendly Portal check
Stoarge Stats check
Bandwidth Stats check
Storage Connections NFS, SMB, SFTP, FTP
On Demand Scalability Available
24/7/365 Support check
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